Insurance Agency

Imagine your client just called and ask you about his or her policy information..... It can be the expiry date, or what is covered or perhaps how much was paid etc. Are you able to dig out the information within a few seconds? You may able to do that if you have a good database system.

In this sample system, we focus on the Insurance Agency workflow. It can also be applied to other agencies such as unit trust agency etc. Among the features are

  • Policies Module - Where you keep the client's information and of course the policy details.
  • Agent Commission - The system will automatically calculate the commission percentage (based on the preset values) for the Agent.
  • Powerfull Search Function - Just key in some letters or keyword, you will be able to find the information in seconds.
  • Filter - You can filter the records based on your desired criteria.
  • Export SCV - You can export the filtered records in CSV format which can be easily red by any spreadsheets or to be imported by other system.
  • Payment Module - This is where you keep track of the payments your clients made.
  • Claims Module - Record of claims which are linked to the respective policies are kept here for easy reference.
  • Documents - The original scanned policies or forms can be stored for future reference.
  • Calendars - Various combination of calendar's views to easily identify the policies status.
  • Apart from that, we have also the Administration Module to mantain the Customers, Agents, Products databases to support the entire system.

With all the information gathered by the system, we can understand our business better with measurable quantitive such as

  • Daily/Weekly/Yearly Sales performance by Agents
  • Sales contribution either by Clients or Agents
  • Speed up the information genaration as well as retrieving them to increase productivity. 

All the modules or databases or flow mentioned above can be customized to suit your business environment which you seldom find in the ready made software or over the shelf systems.

Why not have a look at the LIVE DEMO HERE and judge it by yourself.

Improve Working Efficiency

Improve Working Efficiency

no more spreadsheets or shuffling around piles of paperwork to look for information and better workflow
24 / 7 Accessibility Anywhere

24 / 7 Accessibility Anywhere

can be accessed anytime via internet and totally flexible, offering access from almost any device or browser
Customisable and Scalable

Customisable and Scalable

flexible and scalable to your business’s demands and growth having features and functions relevant to your business
Higher Levels of Security

Higher Levels of Security

log-in securely from any computer or mobile device via internet with secured connection and access level control